Captitan Concho

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  • Name: Captitan Concho
  • Class: Soldier
  • Role: Damage
  • Subclass: Rockets
  • Health: 3500
  • Health Bonus Per Human Player: 60
  • Short Description: Increased Healing Concheror
  • Tips: You have extended banner duration
  • Death Tip: Avoid getting or place yourself far away to negate or reduce the healing on damage done.
  • Robot Coins: 20.0
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Model: Robot Boss Model - Small head

Player Attributes

Attribute Value
Airblast Vertical Vulnerability Multiplier 0.1
Airblast Vulnerability Multiplier 0.4
Ammo Regen 100.0
Cancel Falling Damage 1.0
Damage Force Reduction 0.4
Move Speed Penalty 0.5
Rage Giving Scale 0.75
Self Dmg Push Force Increased 2.0

Custom Attributes Player

Attribute Value
Start-With-Charge amount=100.0

The Concheror

Attribute Value
Health Regen 12.0
Increase Buff Duration 2.5

The Original

Attribute Value
Clip Size Upgrade Atomic 5.0
Dmg Penalty Vs Buildings 0.5
Faster Reload Rate 2.0
Fire Rate Bonus 0.7
Killstreak Tier 1.0
Maxammo Primary Increased 2.5

Custom Attributes Weapon

Attribute Value
Custom Buff Type concho-banner

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